Palestine: Democracy Under Occupation? Samah Sabawi

Ship to Gaza info night

Samah Sabawi – Sydney BDS Conference 2017

Together we stand: Resisting racism, colonization and oppression in Palestine and beyond – Samah Sabawi. Opening plenary session, BDS: Driving Global Justice for Palestine conference, Sydney, Australia, July 2017

BDS: central to Palestine solidarity – Panel discussion – Sydney BDS conference 2017

BDS: central to Palestine justice solidarity Yousef Munayyer (USCPR), Jessica Morrison (Australia Palestine Advocacy Network), Peter Slezak (University of New South Wales), Samah Sabawi (chair, Nick Riemer) As the situation of Palestinians in the Occupied territories worsens, what are the prospects for the global BDS campaign in the short, medium and longer terms? What challenges

Palestinian Land Day 2019 rally in Melbourne

James Graff Memorial Lecture 2019 with Samah Sabawi

Israeli Apartheid Week Sydney 2012 – Samah Sabawi ‘Normalize This!

Samah Sabawi talking about the boycott campaign and the promote Israili-Palestine peace initiatives and why the boycott campaign has strong feelinging against such initiative and it has to do with normalization rather than actual peace.

تعقيب مستشاريْ الشبكة حول العدوان على غزة 2014

Samah Sabawi, Ari Shavit’s interview 2014

Jon Faine’s co-host is Rafael Epstein, the Drive presenter on 774 ABC Melbourne Their first guest is Ari Shavit, an author, reporter and columnist with Haaretz, where he serves on the editorial board in Australia as a guest of the Sydney Writers’ Festival. His book, My Promised Land: The triumph and tragedy of Israel, examines.