BDS: central to Palestine solidarity – Panel discussion – Sydney BDS conference 2017

BDS: central to Palestine justice solidarity Yousef Munayyer (USCPR), Jessica Morrison (Australia Palestine Advocacy Network), Peter Slezak (University of New South Wales), Samah Sabawi (chair, Nick Riemer) As the situation of Palestinians in the Occupied territories worsens, what are the prospects for the global BDS campaign in the short, medium and longer terms? What challenges and grounds for optimism can be identified? What can Palestine solidarity activists do now in face of the desperate situation in Gaza? How can BDS activists respond to the intensification of Zionist attempts to suppress the movement? How do individual boycott, divestment and sanctions tactics relate to each other and to the three key BDS demands? How can BDS proponents bring progressive-except-Palestine leftists to see the importance of BDS as central to Palestine justice solidarity? What are the real prospects for peace in Palestine-Israel for everyone?

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